About Us

Assalam Alaikum


Welcome to Birmingham Central Mosque Marriage Bureau.


Developed to help family and friends find a solution to a complex and often daunting task of finding suitable marriage partners. Our community network simplifies the search process and acts as the bridge between individuals looking for marriage.


This service is free for existing members already registered with the mosques paper based version and have paid the relevant fee to the office.  To access the site you simply register your profile as normal but under the about you section provide your “registration reference No" in order for admin to activate your account.


If you are not yet a member (Or your membership has expired) and would like to join our marriage bureau, please follow the steps below:


  1. Register your profile online
  2. Download and complete Marriage Bureau Introduction form


  1. Provide proof of British/EU passport (Service for UK citizens only)
  2. Provide proof of address
  3. Decree absolute (if divorced)
  4. £50 payment (Bank Transfer/cash/postal order) – Annual subscription. 


Documents (2 to 5) can be sent via email or post or in person to one of our staff members.


Once documents have been viewed and payment received your account will be activated followed by an email confirmation. Once registered you can search our database and view other registered members profiles easily by age, gender or profession. You can then shortlist the people you are interested in and would like to pursue further. No communication takes place between individuals other than a formal request for further information if interested. You can still phone the bureau for support, request meet up’s at the mosque and for further information regarding members. Remember we still have a database of members not on the site which can be emailed over to you. Requests for these members must go through the mosque and admin will call up to 3 people per requests.


Please note the marriage bureau does not get involved in matching candidates. 


Your information is kept strictly private and confidential within this networking process.


If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,

Admin Birmingham Central Mosque Marriage Bureau

Office Hours:

Sunday: 2pm to 4pm,

Monday: 2pm to 4pm,

Friday: 2pm to 5pm


Telephone: 0121 446 4157

Mobile: 07496 838790

Email address: marriage.intro@centralmosque.org.uk

Website: www.centralmosque.org.uk

Address: Birmingham Central Mosque Marriage Bureau, 180 Belgrave Middleway, Highgate, Birmingham, B12 0XS