Frequently Asked Questions
Is there an option to meet candidates in person?
Yes all registered members have an opportunity to meet others on the database face to face at our mosque. This safeguards their privacy, keeps strangers from knowing where you live and more importantly provides a safe environment for you to meet and exchange views on marriage before you exchange contact details.

We also hold regular marriage events which gives you an opportunity to meet up to 100 people on the day with the same view of getting married. Your chances of success are vastly improved with the sheer number of candidates meeting on the day for the same goal.
I don't feel comfortable using dating sites or online websites how is this different ?
Rest assured this is definately not a dating site or even an online chat room for users. Instead our site differentiates itself by simply being a database for networking. Those seeking marriage will register their details on our site to enable others to quickly see who is available and actively looking for marriage. One of the biggest constraints found in todays times is actually finding a way to notify people that you exist and are seeking marriage. This site aims to solve that problem and provides a platform to relay your information out to the wider community.
Whats happens once I have exchanged contact details?
The work of the site is simply to let others know you are available and seeking suitable marriage partners. Once contact details are exchanged you then take the next step by calling or meeting as you would normally do had you been notified of this person through a contact or friend. The work of the site in essence is then complete. We encourage Islamic etiquette and highly recommend Mehrams are informed as part of the process.
Is this site only for Birmingham Residents?
No, this site is available to all British citizens within the UK. Our mosque has been establised since the 70's and have built a solid reputation which is known nationaly.  We expect registered members to visit our premises for one to one meet ups at the mosque.  We carry out formal checks on all members to ensure their age, residency and employment status have been verified. This should provide members with confidence of the authenticity of the profile information and spend more time on checking compatability.

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